10 ’80s Metal Songs Eddie Could Have Played In Stranger Things Instead Of “Master Of Puppets”

Eddie Munson shows off his guitar shredding skills in pivotal moment of stranger things 4 Last episode. He cranks up his amp to blast the opening riff to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” catching the attention of Vecna’s bats. Eddie’s guitar skills selflessly draw attention to him, buying his friends time as they enter the psychic villain’s lair.

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This epic musical scene quickly became a fan favorite, even drawing praise from the band themselves. “Master of Puppets” is undoubtedly one of the most popular heavy metal songs of the 1980s, and it’s a great choice for the climactic showdown against the monsters of the Upside Down. Eddie, the denim-clad metal fan that he is, could have chosen any number of other hard-rock songs released before the Spring Break of 1986.

ten Motorhead’s iconic ‘ace of spades’ reportedly upped the intensity

Motorhead’s raucous 1980 single, “Ace of Spades”, launched the group into rock stardom. It became a staple of their live shows for over 30 years. Lightning fast, punk and snarling, the song has been used in similar scenes in the past, including a stressful confrontation with zombies in The Walking Dead.

Eddie is clearly a Motorhead fan, rocking a patch on the front of his denim vest. The main riff is so recognizable and fun that he would surely have spent time repeating it in his bedroom. More importantly, “Ace of Spades” would have boosted the energy of this pivotal scene, creating a more intense and thrilling moment.

9 Eddie Could Have Beaten Evil With Exodus’ ‘Bonded By Blood’

“Bonded by Blood” is a punchy anthem and the title track from Exodus’ 1985 debut album. Fans can’t help but bang their heads to the beat of the late Paul Baloff’s violent guitars and obnoxious vocals. . Exodus never achieved the mainstream success of their peers, but they remain popular among metal fans to this day.

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Eddie almost certainly had this album in his collection. “Bonded by Blood” lacks the recognition of “Master of Puppets”, but it’s much heavier and downright more metal. Any Dungeon Master who loves thrash and plays guitar worth his salt would have this song in his repertoire.

8 The soaring vocals and guitars of Judas Priest’s ‘Riding On The Wind’ are sure to draw the bats

“Riding on the Wind” is one of the lesser known songs from Judas Priest’s 1982 release, Cry out for revenge. The album produced the hit single “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'”, but “Riding on the Wind” provides all the energy needed for a rock battle against the monsters of the Upside Down.

Judas Priest’s furious song is an 80s metal staple, with punchy guitars and soaring vocals from metal god Rob Halford. With a swarm of bats literally riding the wind, the track is perfect for this frenetic moment.

seven Anthrax’s “Madhouse” struggles hard enough to draw the attention of any evil minion

Anthrax earned a place among Thrash Metal’s Big 4, largely due to the success of their 1985 album. Spread of disease and its first single, “Madhouse”. Alongside their peers Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer, they pioneered the thrash subgenre in the 80s. They are notable for having much more silly and fun songs than other metal bands of the time. which largely focused on dark subjects like war.

“Madhouse” opens with a crisp guitar riff – a key point for Eddie’s distraction. Headbang-worthy rhythm and Anthrax’s signature “mosh parts” keep the gas pedal grounded.

6 Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Over The Mountain’ Would Be a Great Tribute to the Late Guitarist Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads was an absolute guitar wizard who played on Ozzy Osbourne’s first two solo albums. A star who died far too young, Rhoads would surely have influenced Eddie’s guitar playing. “Over the Mountain”, the opening title of the 1981s Diary of a madmanlaunches straight into a breathy guitar riff, covered by Rhoads’ searing lead guitar work.

Eddie is clearly a huge fan of Ozzy, at one point expressing his disbelief at Steve’s unfamiliarity with the singer. It’s easy to imagine Diary of a madman in Eddie’s Walkman, and Ozzy’s ode to party life is a great alternative to “Puppets” with its blistering pace and guitar focus.

5 Eddie’s Dramatic Final Fight Would Be Bolstered By Iron Maiden’s ‘The Trooper’

It’s musicshouts Eddie, holding an Iron Maiden tape as the band frantically searches through his collection. A top metal band with a storied career, Iron Maiden wrote many songs that would fit Eddie’s pinnacle moment. ‘The Trooper’ is the most famous track on the album that sold platinum Peace of mind.

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“The Trooper” is the galloping story of a ferocious, but ultimately failed, charge on a 19th century battlefield. The lyrics evoke the fate of Eddie as he makes his heroic last stand. An instantly recognizable guitar riff and the song’s blistering pace make it a great pick right now.

A devilish figure points a big finger at the pin that adorns the pocket of Eddie Munson’s denim waistcoat. This illustration is from Mercyful Fate’s second album, Don’t break the oath. Mercyful Fate were the first band to feature legendary vocalist King Diamond – and an early influence on Metallica.

“Evil” is the first song from Mercyful Fate’s groundbreaking debut album, lemon balm. King Diamond’s moaning falsetto tells the tale of an undead soldier in the legions of hell. “Evil” rocks hard while sounding otherworldly, and Eddie would turn this great cult classic band song into a fantastical clash of good and evil.

Megadeth singer/guitarist Dave Mustaine was ousted from Metallica in the early 1980s. He then formed his own thrash metal band, Megadeth. The first album of 1985 Killing is my business… And business is good! was heavier and faster than anything Metallica had released at the time.

The title track “Killing is My Business…” is simply louder and meaner than “Master of Puppets”. This song would probably have Vecna’s bats melting as Eddie played at a high volume. The “Metallica vs. Megadeth” debate among fans may go on forever, but everyone should agree that it would have been awesome to see Eddie perform this track.

2 An Emotional Opportunity Was Missed With Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark”

Dio, named after singer Ronnie James Dio, features swords and sorcery lyrics that fit perfectly with Dungeons & Dragons fans like Eddie Munson. “Rainbow in the Dark” is an all-time classic that sounds like the soundtrack to a fight against a dragon with laser beam eyes. Everything about Dio fits Eddie’s character so well that it’s almost a shame the song wasn’t used.

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“Rainbow in the Dark” is the funniest and cheesiest genre of heavy metal. For all that cheese, it’s suitably epic. With Eddie wearing a Dio crest on his denim vest, which was provided by the estate of the late great Ronnie James Dio himself, it would hit so many emotional notes tied to the character.

“For Whom the Bell Tolls” is an even more epic Metallica song that Eddie could have played. Opening with the ominous tones of a bell reminiscent of Vecna ​​clocks, this song’s resounding chords and devilish guitar sound might make this most “metal” concert Upside Down ever seen even heavier.

There’s no denying the greatness of “Master of Puppets,” but the stomping 1984 classic ride the lightning would have sounded just as gigantic and radically 80s. It’s up to debate if that was a missed opportunity or if that song choice would have been too intense.

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