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Peter Frampton is an English rock musician and producer. He is best known for his groundbreaking international album “Frampton Comes Alive! Which successfully sold over 16 million copies worldwide and held the notable record of being the best-selling live rock album of all time until 1998.

Frampton’s singles “Baby I Love Your Way”, “Do You Feel Like I Do? And “Show Me The Way” topped the US music charts and remain staples of classic rock radio to this day.

He also ventured into the film industry and made appearances on popular TV shows such as “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy” and “Madam Secretary”.

Throughout his musical career he has performed with many other big names in music.

Here is our collection of the most inspiring quotes from Peter Frampton:

50 Peter Frampton on his success

1. “Writing for dance has been a wonderfully liberating experience.” – Peter Frampton

2. “I’ve always wanted to be the best guitarist in the world, since I was eight years old.” – Peter Frampton

3. “I love working with cinema, whether it’s the technical side, the actor side or the musical side.” – Peter Frampton

4. “I like to stay home and not see a guitar for ten days… but then I like that feeling of taking it back.” – Peter Frampton

5. “I started out as a musician and ended up in a cartoon.” – Peter Frampton

6. “I wrote ‘Show me the way’ in the morning and ‘Baby, I love your way’ in the afternoon of the same day. Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out what I ate for breakfast that morning! – Peter Frampton

7. “I used to say it was painful to write lyrics about myself and look inside.” – Peter Frampton

8. “When you don’t have anyone, you feel like you want someone. Then when you do, it’s nice to be single for a night. – Peter Frampton

9. “People love to play ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ at their weddings. They even play it for births and deaths – whatever the occasion, it seems to fit. Over the years it has been used in many films and has been covered by other artists more than any of my songs. I wrote a standard… which is pretty amazing to me. – Peter Frampton

10th of 50 Peter Frampton Quotes

10. “There’s a place in England called Petticoat Lane, and… they always used to release the big albums, like, a week before. So I went over there and got it, and went home. I didn’t come out of my room for about three days. I just played it over and over… ‘Sgt. Pepper’s was the best thing I have ever heard in my life. – Peter Frampton

11. “As long as I have enough to save and pay off the mortgage, those are always the two things that were most important to me. “- Peter Frampton

12. “I’ve been to ‘The Mike Douglas Show’ twice. I was on the cover of virtually every magazine in the United States. I never said no to anything. I told everyone everything. I gave everything, and when you give everything, you have nothing left. – Peter Frampton

13. “One year before ‘Frampton Comes Alive!’ we released the studio version of ‘Show Me The Way’ as a single – it was on the ‘Frampton’ album – and it just blew up. Nothing.” – Peter Frampton

14. “I would like to be No. 2 but never No. 1. When I was # 1, all eyes were on me. Number 2 slips discreetly through the door and sets another excellent record. – Peter Frampton

15. “I don’t think I could ever be in a band if we were to just go out there and play the record note by note. I would give up. I would become a banker. – Peter Frampton

16. “A lot of people were pressured to write after September 11th. It had to affect us all in some way. – Peter Frampton

17. “I have a soft spot for ‘Wind of Change’ because it was my first, and it was a departure from Humble Pie – absolutely. It showed me the range of what I could do. . – Peter Frampton

18. “The power of your audience is now in the hands of the artist through all media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and all – all the new techniques available to reach people. I think you’re your best publicist and record company and everything right now when you’re just starting out. – Peter Frampton

19. “Mistakes were made, so I learned from my mistakes.” – Peter Frampton

20 of 50 Peter Frampton quotes

20. “Performing live has been one of the most important opportunities I have ever had, and I am fortunate to share my music with so many of my amazing, loyal and diverse fans. – Peter Frampton

21. “I have never been in this business to make money. I’ve always been there to make great music. – Peter Frampton

22. “I’ve had the honor of attending their Beacon shows with the Allmans a few times, and it doesn’t get any better than that.” – Peter Frampton

23. “Politeness and mutual care cannot be a thing of the past.” – Peter Frampton

24. “I formed Humble Pie when I was only 18 years old. We were one of the first “supergroups”, with Steve Marriott of The Small Faces on guitar and Greg Ridley of Spooky Tooth on bass. With Humble Pie, I tasted American success for the first time. – Peter Frampton

25. “The perception that I was just a pop star was forced on me by the audience, and it’s very difficult to change the audience’s perception even though I never really put aside the musician aspect. of my career. After releasing ‘Fingerprints’ my peers reassured me that I was at a level I had always hoped to be. – Peter Frampton

26. “I’ve always liked playing live.” – Peter Frampton

27. “I think ‘I am in you’ was dull and way too light.” – Peter Frampton

28. “I think at some point I might have said it must be great to be as tall as Elvis, but it wasn’t a realistic dream.” – Peter Frampton

29. “I was really not into sports at a young age. I couldn’t wait to get home from school and go straight to my room, pick up the guitar and play it. It has become an obsession for me. That’s all I wanted to do was play the guitar and learn every hit I heard on the radio. – Peter Frampton

30th of 50 Peter Frampton Quotes

30. “I write about what is happening to me. Everything is here. I couldn’t help it. – Peter Frampton

31. “I never thought I would do an all acoustic tour or an all acoustic album.” – Peter Frampton

32. “I’m sure I appreciate my sobriety. And stick to it. If you’ve been through what I’ve been through, then you truly treasure it. – Peter Frampton

33. “As a baby boomer, I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. My parents were able to give permission because they just said to themselves, “Why not? I joined my first group and dropped out of school. – Peter Frampton

34. “An artist must be selfish; otherwise, he is not true to his own art. – Peter Frampton

35. “I played in ‘Almost Famous.’ My album ‘Fingerprints’ won a Grammy Award in 2007. Even more prestigious, as far as my children are concerned, I have appeared in episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy. – Peter Frampton

36. “The simpler my life, the happier I am.” – Peter Frampton

37. “Peace, love, and truth win out over hate every time.” – Peter Frampton

38. “Most of everything I’ve written has been written in acoustics. ‘Do You Feel’ was written on electricity. ‘I’m in You’ was written on the piano. – Peter Frampton

39. “The reason I wanted to play guitar was because I saw Buddy Holly and then our own Shadows on television in 1957 or 1958. I wanted to learn to play guitar so I could do what I wanted to do. ‘they were doing and being in a group. – Peter Frampton

40th of 50 Peter Frampton Quotes

40. “I’m lucky to love playing live; it’s my passion to do this. There are some artists who never want to play live. They just want to be in the studio. Good luck, because there is no income. – Peter Frampton

41. “I used to jam with Steve Marriott of the Small Faces.” – Peter Frampton

42. “I had sold more records than anyone in history with a single album, by that time, in ’76. It became a very scary place for me, because I didn’t know who to seek advice from and I lost confidence in my own feelings about everything. – Peter Frampton

43. “Everyone wants to be on the cover of People and Rolling Stone.” – Peter Frampton

44. “It got to the point where I couldn’t afford to borrow money to lose. Know what i mean? It was just before “Frampton”, my fourth album. While we were recording it, I was very downcast and depressed. – Peter Frampton

45. “I love everything about movies.” – Peter Frampton

46. ​​“I pile up the newspaper clippings and send them to my mother. She has an album from when I was, like, eight years old. – Peter Frampton

47. “If there’s one live record that deserves to be mixed in surround sound, it’s Frampton Comes Alive. “- Peter Frampton

48. “I always had a good time in groups, and when I wasn’t having a good time, I left.” – Peter Frampton

49. “I’ve always been a fan of jazz – Django Reinhardt, Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, the first George Benson. And I come from the melodic upbringing of Hank Marvin. So the blues, I liked, but I also liked jazz. Therefore, my style was more lyrical. – Peter Frampton

50. “People buy my life when they buy these records. I hate to have a big head or something, but it’s reality. Suddenly everything you have done means something. – Peter Frampton


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