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Twenty Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, an Oscar and a Tony for the hit “Springsteen on Broadway”: This is just a small list of the material Bruce Springsteen has accumulated over the years; not bad for a kid born into a blue-collar family in Freehold, New Jersey.

While none of Springsteen’s singles reached No. 1 on any Billboard list, Rolling Stone magazine praised his talent, ranking him 23rd on its list of the “greatest artists of all time”. He definitely earned his nickname “the Boss”.

Listening to Springsteen’s music is a true revelation about the musician’s life. Before the Boss’s 73rd birthday, September 23, Stacker watched the 26 Springsteen songs that made Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart history and ranked tracks by number of weeks on the chart. Ties were broken by the peak position.

In his 1999 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction speech, Springsteen reflected on the influence his parents had on his life — from his tumultuous relationship with his father to his mother understanding exactly why he needed a guitar. Sunburst at $60. “My parents’ experience shaped mine,” he said. “They shaped my politics and they alerted me to what’s at stake when you’re born in the United States.” And of the E Street Band – integral to his 50-plus-year career – Springsteen said, “Everyone wants to know how I feel about the band. Shit, I married one.” That would, of course, be singer-songwriter and guitarist Patti Scialfa.

Keep reading to find out which songs Springsteen composed for his Billboard greatest hits.

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