Refund processing fees: Which loans are affected

Recently, the BGH has passed a verdict, which many bank customers should be pleased. The judges in Karlsruhe decided that banks are not allowed to impose any processing fees on their customers for loans, in addition to interest payable. This issue has long been controversial. Customers now have to check whether the verdict concerns their loans and may look forward to a refund processing fees.

Refund Processing Fees – Which loans are affected

Refund Processing Fees - Which loans are affected

The ruling covers all loans that are private in nature and are settled in the form of installment loans, so-called consumer loans. What should be financed with the loan, is initially secondary, so that loans for real estate to the range of loans involved count. Even customers of already paid loans should be able to benefit from the new verdict and the refund processing fees, but so far only on the safe side, who has closed his contract from 2011, as questions about the statute of limitations of claims for restitution have not yet been clarified. Until then, a regular limitation period of three years must be assumed. Judgments on this topic are expected at the end of 2014.

Processing fees in the pillory

The stumbling block is processing fees set by the bank, which have been dictated unilaterally without the customer. According to BGH, such charges are inadmissible because the banks are already processing loan applications out of their own business interests and are only authorized to collect interest. So if you have a loan from 2011 completed, which counts among the affected cases and also had to pay processing fees, should reclaim his money as soon as possible.

Which steps need to be initiated

The claim for reimbursement must be enforced individually against the bank in question, so you have to go directly to the bank from which you took the loan. First of all, a sample letter can be used to request reimbursement directly from the bank. If the bank refuses to repay, a lawyer should be given the task of handling the case and seeking legal proceedings.

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