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Taking note of the mundane has always been something Courtney barnett excelled. For her third album, ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’, she used the same observation techniques felt in her previous work while completely changing the narrative of her overall conception and therefore in a different direction. The Australian singer-songwriter’s latest effort is not filled with references to all the darkness that dwells in the world or the most beautiful despair to be found in loneliness and doubt, rather it is to find love in the little things of everyday life.

Changing the overall theme doesn’t translate into a complete overhaul of its unique sound. Like the lo-fi rock guitar riffs and drum beats are still often recurring throughout the album. Yet Barnett’s lyricism is steeped in the melancholy field, and even ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’ is no exception. “Don’t you know I’m not your enemy, maybe let’s cut the caffeine / Tomorrow is too late to remember, call me when you get this”, from “Before You Gotta Go” and “Les stars in the sky, gonna die, eventually it’s alright / Just like a lonely satellite, drifting for a little while / If I don’t hear from you tonight, if I don’t hear from you tonight, ”from“ If I can’t hear you tonight, ”are prime examples of Barnett’s magnificent use of his core emotion.

His latest record is a work marred by lost love and a world that has forever transformed into a completely new entity. Therefore, the hope of friendship and connectedness is a story of resistance and the deepest, tiniest bit of positivity that lives within each of us. The 34-year-old artist has drawn crowds of listeners since her debut “I’ve Got a Friend Called Emily Ferris,” released in 2012, and only made a bigger name for herself in the nine years since. past since then. “Things Take Time, Take Time” sees her enter new territory while residing in the safety net of her previous sound, making it an album to introduce her to a new audience and an enjoyable one to entertain her fan base. already exciting.


Words: Lauren Dehollogne

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