Drag Race Down Under Episode Two: Aubrey Haive and the Shapeshifting Accident

The second episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under took place on Saturday night, continuing season two of Australia’s New Zealand drag racing competition for the crown.

In this week’s episode, the queens were split into two teams and starred in a prison-themed comedy-drama called Caged Queens.

This was followed by an insect-themed track.

Yuri Guaii, Kween Kong, and Aubrey Haive struggled the most with the acting challenge.


This week, the drag gods (and RuPaul) picked Aubrey Haive for elimination.

The unfortunate misadventure that got him eliminated: a revelation that failed to transform.

Speaking about the experience of competing from his “drag room,” a room overflowing with clothes and wigs, Aubrey spoke with stargazer to make it to the podium and what she learned from that adventure.

“Being someone who’s new to drag, I just had shit to learn doing that. And so for me, I was just able to gather all this information from all these other queens who are so amazing and so experienced,” she said.

“Even the process of preparing for the drag race is like a master class in how to drag.

“I had never had an outfit made to measure for me, to my dimensions, before going on a drag race. It was the first time I went to someone’s house and had a suit fitted and had my measurements and everything.

Drag created during lockdown

Aubrey started cruising during the height of COVID-19 while stuck indoors and made Melbourne’s lockdown work for her. With the help and encouragement of her partner, who also does drag, Aubrey Haive emerged.

Her very first drag performance was in May 2021.

Aubrey learned to slide by watching tutorials online and through trial and error.

“Everything is online. Since everyone has done a tutorial on how to do makeup and because there are so many different makeup tutorials you can take from different tutorials that work for your face… all can kind of be learned at home “, she said.

“It took a while. Didn’t look good. Those first few times. Doom. Hope these pics don’t go anywhere,” Aubrey laughed.

Aubrey: I like to do as much as possible and try to do new things

When asked if she had any regrets about her time on Drag Race, she replied, “My regret wouldn’t be practicing revealing before I went on the show.”

Aubrey went on to say, “I like to do as much as I can and try to do new things that I’ve never seen other people do so much and push the limits…Even my own limits of my ability. And I definitely do and embarrass myself way too many times on stage.

Going forward, Aubrey would like to get more musical with her drag. Growing up in her hometown of Timaru, New Zealand, she sang, danced and played guitar.

“I really want to incorporate that into my drag,” she says. “I started writing songs and things like that, which I hope I can record and finish by the end of the season.

“I kind of want to dive deep into that world of being a more musical drag performer.”

All Aubrey’s invisible looks will debut on her Instagram in the near future.

Watch new episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under every Saturday on Stan.

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