Goonis chooses his presence at the Summer NAMM Show 2022

Following the cancellation of the 2021 Music Products Industry Show, Goonis Picks is looking forward to once again sharing their unique 3D asymmetrical picks with music professionals and fans in attendance.

Goonis Picks launched and marketed its uniquely designed 3D asymmetric picks in 2019. For amateur and professional guitarists, these unique picks are designed to allow playing with greater precision and endurance. The company made its first appearance at the NAMM – National Association of Music Merchants – Show in 2020. Goonis Picks has focused on connecting with more guitar enthusiasts in the meantime and can’t wait to join NAMM again, especially after hearing the enthusiastic predictions for the June 2022 event.

“The industry has not stopped evolving and innovating during the pandemic, and the NAMM Show is evolving as well,” said Joe Lamond, President and CEO of NAMM after rescheduling the show. “After listening carefully to companies here in the United States and around the world, the new dates will help members maximize their opportunities and accelerate what has arguably been a time of transformation both in new products and in the world. how they come to market. I imagine this gathering will have the kind of impact of a Beatles moment or the introduction of MIDI – definitely a moment you won’t want to miss.

The show was originally scheduled for January 2022, and Goonis Picks can’t wait to join again. “Our initial goal for Goonis Picks was to be a game-changer with the best pick ever. The feedback and reception we received from NAMM participants and suppliers in 2020 indicates that we have achieved this goal, ”says inventor Jordan Goonis. “We gave away over 1000 picks that year because we just wanted to share the potential. The responses we received told us that this choice helps guitarists do what they love and do it better than ever. The opening pick is like a saddle for the thumb and forefinger. This design makes it the most comfortable and user-friendly choice in the industry. Guitarists say they play with more endurance and precision… and that’s important. We don’t want them to ever drop, slide or spin another pick again! “

The unique picks were created out of a passion for both excellence in design technology and music. As a designer in the automotive industry, Goonis is committed to continual improvement in everything he does. As a studio musician and hobbyist himself, he has also become increasingly frustrated with classic picks that always spin, slip and fall. He wanted to improve his own game, so he put his skills to work.

With his own high-end design software, he took his concepts through different stages until he found the perfect one. The first time he printed and tested the plectrum in 3D, he knew it would be a game changer. After testing the choice for a few weeks, Goonis found that his stamina had increased and his choice was more precise. When he was able to play like the pick was an extension of his own hand, he knew he was onto something. Playing with an opening pick, in general, creates a brighter, warmer sound. It also allows more control and allows the exploration of new techniques. That’s why Goonis Picks are powerful tools for newbies and seasoned players alike, and players from all across the spectrum will be attending the next NAMM show.

“We’ve heard time and time again from NAMM 2020 attendees, including Grammy Award winners, that the Goonis Picks are the best guitar picks they’ve ever used. We look forward to putting the power in the hands of more musicians – literally – at every level of the show this year. “

Heading into its third year, Goonis Picks is confident in its ability to positively impact attendees and other providers of the upcoming NAMM Show and the industry in general.

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