Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 17 – The “bells and whistles”


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As we head into fall and look back on our previous issues this year, we talked about electric guitars in our spring edition and acoustic guitars in our summer edition. And now we turn our attention to amps, pedals, and accessories — you know, the “bells and whistles” that add an extra touch to our equipment and sound.

We cover some accessories like the ChordBuddy for beginner guitarists, the Martin D-13E, the Eventide UltraTap pedal, some really cool new picks by Choice of rue des tourbières, a Luna Henna Dragon Uke with an amp, a capo and a chord, a Archon PRS amp and PRS tuner, and one Fender ’68 Custom Pro Reverb Amp.

Have you ever wondered how Paul reed smith decided to start building amps? Well, we discovered it by man himself! We have also set up a MESA / Boogie guide to touching on a few of their notable amps. And did you know that Nita Strauss has a signature tool kit for gigging guitarists called the D’Addario Planet Waves Maintenance Kit for Hurricane Nita Strauss Guitar?

Now, as for the interviews, for our “Inside the Industry” section, we spoke to two talented ladies from Los Angeles—Colleen Fazio, which repairs amps and pedals, and Virginie castro, who designs beautiful straps with their guitar strap company Get’m Get’m.

The cover artists for this edition are a music icon Melissa Etheridge, blues guitarist Samantha fish, and social media influencer and guitarist Kiki Wong– wow, what a great group of musicians we are honored to have on our covers! We speak your with Tiffany Lloyd and Abby posner. To complete our interviews for this edition, country artists Maggie Rose, virtuoso of the 7-string guitar Berit Hagen, aka the Commander-in-Chief, LA-based musician Aviana and the pure root, Erika Wennerström of Heartless Bastards, Arielle, and Sara dead.

Our usual chronicles: Ask Alexx covers revert to live music; Vanessa’s ambiance on microphones 101; Gabby guitar on mental health, while Catherine cloward talks about “Come To My Window” and opens that window to get people into your music.

Our lesson guru Nikki o’neill follows his last lesson of our summer edition with “Demystifying the Fretboard – Pt. 2” and Alex windsor talks about “Bringing In Heat With Warm-Up Exercises”. Caroline paone examined The pedal movie while Steve mckinley describes the “three Ps” of pedals: peripherals, power, placement. “

It was great to come back to the live performances, and Kirk stauffer and Jack Read provided some great live shots in our Gig Gallery. Learn more about our #guitargirl Megan Maloney.

For a little stress relief, try your colors on our adult coloring picture, find the words in the word puzzle, and answer the trivia questions!

I know you will find this issue filled with interesting interviews and useful information.

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