Guitar teacher shares lesson on Jane’s Addiction’s Been Caught Stealing, Dave Navarro makes contact to correct it

Hundreds if not thousands of song lessons are shared on YouTube every week, so the last thing you expect is the original guitarist to step in with some advice – yet that’s exactly what happened to a teacher. guitar when he uploaded a tutorial on Classic Jane’s Addiction been caught stealing… And Dave Navarro got in touch.

The tutor in question is Matt from Let’s Play All, a YouTube channel dedicated to reviving classic 90s grunge and rock.

He first caught Navarro’s attention with a lesson on how to play Feed the cruel, one of the first singles of the new NHC supergroup, starring Navarro alongside Jane’s bandmate Chris Chaney and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters.

The former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist reached out to Matt to tell him that he liked the video, but wanted to correct a little subtlety. He then sent the YouTuber an NHC-branded cornucopia of choice, before reposting Matt’s cover from Feed the cruelis solo via the NHC Instagram account.

But that’s after teaching one of his favorite songs, been caught stealing, that Matt truly had the lesson of a lifetime, as Navarro – uninvited – shared the secret to this elusive-verse-mix riff.

“It’s actually easier than you make it,” Navarro says in the clip, revealing that he lifts both fingers for the funky, muffled scratching of the track. Matt then breaks down the piece, with precision approved by Navarro.

This isn’t the first time a guitar legend has contacted a YouTuber to share a correction – Tony Iommi once called a channel for messing up his tone, commenting “Where did they get it from?” ? “

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