Here’s what fans thought about the gag-worthy Drag Race Season 14 premiere


“Your life is about to change forever. So just kiss it. Soak up it. Be a mother fucking star, ”she exclaimed. “Show these bitches who’s the boss.” “

With the queens baked and ready, Mama Ru took the stage to introduce the jury and perform her brand new song, Catwalk.

June Jambalaya then opened up the CNTs by performing an intricate African dance routine.

Bosco followed up June’s performance with a sultry burlesque number that ended in a breathtaking finale.

Alyssa Hunter then took the stage with a pop-punk lip-sync associated with a fabulous pink guitar “solo”.

Kerri Colby presented the first lip-syncing hybrid of the night which featured a full Anaconda jump rope routine by Nicki Minaj.

The show then turned into comedy with the polarizing skit of the Orion Story aerobics teacher.

Kornbread wasted no time in showing the crowd his skills and left the studio gagged with lip-sync iconic from his original track.

CNT’S ended on a high note with Willow Pill’s lip-syncing / self-care tutorial on Enya’s classic track, Only Time.

After rolling down the track in their “iconic trail,” the judges deliberated on their performance and CNT sets.

At the end of the episode, Kornbread was named the winner of the Maxi Challenge – which left June and Orion competing in the first lip-syncing battle of the season.

Even though the two queens danced and sang for their lives, June came out on top and was saved by Mama Ru.

Next week we’ll see the second batch of new queens and an appearance from singer-songwriter Alicia Keys.

Shortly after the premiere, fans were quick to point out Lizzo’s iconic appearance, with many saying she stole the show.

Check out all of the fan reactions to the Season 14 premiere below.


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