How to become a better drummer is the subject of a new AIMM blog post


The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media has long been considered one of the Atlanta area’s best options for music education. It also plays a role in the popularity of his blog posts among those who would like to know more about a particular musical specialty. One of the most recent blog posts that this renowned music school posted on their website is titled “How to Become a Better Drummer: 8 Top Tips on Percussion”. It’s a must read for those who want to learn how to improve their skills on the drums. The article describes various tips, techniques and tasks that drummers can use to improve their skills.

Nite Driscoll, president of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, says, “Without a doubt, one of the most fascinating musical specialties is playing the drum. Those interested in playing the drums professionally or recreationally at a high level should be able to move their hands and feet in a coordinated fashion and be able to maintain that movement for long periods of time. This is the reason why we wrote our last blog post. This will help drummers of all skill levels take action to improve in key areas of this musical specialty.

AIMM’s new blog post began by mentioning that most musicians find drums easy to learn but difficult to master. The best drummers hone their skills using many tips, techniques and tasks which will be covered in the new published article. It all starts with mastering the fundamentals. The new blog describes mastering the basics as an important first step before trying to learn more advanced drum techniques. The blog also contains the suggestion that it can help a drummer learn by emulating his favorite drummers. This will inspire someone even more to learn the type of style of drumming they want to excel at. He warned not to go too far and try to become a carbon copy of a favorite drummer. Another important aspect of the battery that has been mentioned in this blog post is the development of muscle memory. A crucial step to be able to perform without thinking too much. This is best accomplished by performing certain drum tasks with their eyes closed so that someone can learn to play by touch and their drums become an extension of their body. It has also been suggested that it is helpful to play drums alongside other musicians. Scrambling will not only improve drumming skills, but can also be a source of feedback that a drummer can use to improve themselves. The more experienced the musicians a drummer is with, the more potential that drummer has to speed up his learning.

The AIMM article also discusses learning to measure time. This is important because one of the most important tasks of the drummer is to make time for the songs played by his band. Understanding time signatures is essential for keeping time. Having quality in practice was also suggested by the new blog post. As we often say about sport, good practice habits often endure when it comes time to perform. He also mentioned maintaining physical fitness as being important. It is said that playing the drums for 90 minutes takes a lot of stamina, as professional football needs to get them through a game. Cardiovascular activities and weight training have been cited as examples of the types of fitness activities that can help a drummer’s endurance and reflexes. The article also suggested that batsmen practice developing both hands. This is something they can do by adopting an ambidextrous lifestyle. Not only when playing the drums, but also during any kind of daily activity.

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