How to Create Song Ringtone on Android Smartphone


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Check out how to make song ringtone on Android smartphone

Many default ringtones, like the original iPhone Marimba or Nokia’s iconic mono melody from the 1990s, have gained cult status over the years. However, things have changed since those days, people prefer to set custom ringtones to stand out from the crazy crowd. So if you also want to set your favorite music as a custom ringtone on your Android smartphone, then you have come to the right place. Because today we are going to show you how to set any song or audio track as your custom ringtone on your Android smartphone.

Having a custom ringtone on your phone ensures you won’t touch your pocket when someone else’s phone rings or ignore an important call on your phone under the same misconception. So if you want to follow the show, here we show you how you can set any song on your android device as your custom ringtone. However, before you start, keep in mind that the hack will only work with certain file formats, including MP3, so be sure to check the file format of your favorite track before continuing.

There is a high probability that your phone’s ringtone has changed at some point. This is especially useful on Android devices; just go to Settings – Sounds and you will find the option (where it can be a lot depending on the manufacturer). There may be 15 or more different general shades to choose from, but what if you want to customize your own? Android has added the ability to add another sound to your library, but when you get a call, it will start playing from the start of the song. Imagine taking the California Hotel by the Eagles and playing guitar from the first minute!

This is where a free app like Ringtone Maker comes in. Once you have granted access to your files, this allows you to cut the MP3 clip into the specific section of the song you want to play when you receive a call. This is how you do it.

How to make a song your ringtone

With a few easy steps, you can customize your ringtone against the standard ringtones included with your smartphone. This is what you have to do.

  • On the home screen of your smartphone, touch Applications.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Touch Sounds & Notifications.
  • Touch Ringtones> Add.
  • Choose a track from the songs already stored on your phone.
  • Touch Done.
  • The song or audio file is now your ringtone. Just go back through the steps to change it again.
  • Tap the song you want to use.

How to edit a song to make it the perfect ringtone

    With some songs, you might not want the opening riff as your ringtone. If you want to select a clip from a song, you need a dedicated app to do the job. The RingDroid app is one of the best, and it takes a few seconds to use and cut a song with it. Here’s how to cut a song.

    • Download and open the RingDroid app.
    • Touch the song file you want to edit.
    • Tap Crop, then slide your finger around the clip, narrowing it down to what you want to hear.
    • Tap download.
    • Tap Save.
    • Touch Use as.
    • Touch Ringtone, then touch Done to set the ringtone.

      How to set a ringtone for a specific contact

      Do you want to set a different ringtone for different people, so you know exactly who is calling? It’s pretty straightforward, once you know how.

      • Touch Contacts.
      • Scroll to the person you want to add a custom ringtone to, and then tap the contact’s name.
      • Touch Edit.
      • Touch Ringtone.
      • Choose the ringtone, then touch OK.
      • Tap Save.

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