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Parents and friends enjoyed the John Tonkin College art and photography exhibit, Out of the box September 1 on the MET campus.

The dramatic performance of Pandora’s box and musical pieces ranging from classical guitar to rock bands were performed by the students.

A visual diary of our students’ journey, through Grade 11 and 12 fine art and design photography, was captured in the 2021 exhibit.

“The group of inventive young minds pushed the boundaries and discovered new and original ways to represent their ideas by appropriating styles and influences,” said Annette James, professor of design, photography and drama.

In addition to the visual arts, we have joined forces with those in the performing arts, music and theater. Music students collaborated to create their own original rock genre pieces, as well as covers of songs that inspired their compositions. Students demonstrated skill in performing a variety of instruments and styles. “

The Grade 11 general drama class performed a short play, Pandora’s box.

Students were to take on the role of actor and designer and contributed to all aspects of the production, including sets, costumes, lighting, and sound design.

“As teachers of the arts, we take pride in the accomplishments of our students, creating such a wonderful artistic experience that has been enjoyed by all,” said Ms. James.

“The event was a positive demonstration from our students showing their commitment to their learning while recognizing their creativity in an enriched environment.”

The exhibition prizes were awarded to the students in the evening.

The best overall piece of art and the best piece in grade 12 was presented to Hannah Walsh.

The best play of the 11th grade was presented to Chloe Abram.

The best overall photographic piece was presented to Jordan Collyer.

The best grade 12 play was Daisy Purmalis and the best grade 11 play was Kirsty Toussaint.

Thanks to our special judges, local artist Karen Grieves and Community Engagement Coordinator Mark Labrow from the Town of Mandurah.

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