“Nightwish’s Floor Jansen cancels after Forever reunion

Future Nightwish singer Floor Jansen was already on the way to becoming a symphonic metal star when she first made waves with Dutch band After Forever. The band’s singer from 1997 to their eventual disbandment in 2009, Jansen played a huge role in spreading the name After Forever to the masses with her powerful voice giving a sense of scale and exhilaration to the already powerful mix of the band. gothic, progressive and death metal band. elements.

Hammer met Jansen to discuss her years on After Forever, their debut album Prisoner of desire and if she feels that a meeting could one day be considered …

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You joined After Forever when you were only 16 years old. Did you already know that this is what you wanted to do?

“No. Think of a group of teenagers who wanted to play music and think before the internet. I loved metal. And I wanted to sing in a metal band. That was my ambition; I used to playing guitar and writing my own acoustic songs, then playing at parties with friends. And one day when I did that, someone said, ‘I know a bunch of guys that have a band metal, and they’re looking for a background singer, ‘and that was After Forever. And that’s how I joined.

What were those early days like?

“We had this old tape recorder in the middle of the room, so if we had an idea, we would record it on it, and the rest, we would remember. For the first I do not know how many years, the thing was; if I remember my voice lines, they are good. If I can’t, they weren’t worth it! This is how the songs were born. We rehearsed twice a week – we were absolutely serious.

How did you feel when you walked into the studio to record your first album, prison of desire?

“I remember feeling like I didn’t really know what I was doing, and at the same time, really sure about our group. I think we had the teenage arrogance, which we needed. They had that tiny room, which was 10 square meters with bunk beds, where we all slept. And I was still smoking. I smoked for a few years, heavy tobacco even. It really is like another life!

Your voice still sounds great!

“Smoking wouldn’t have affected me so quickly, but the lack of technique was something else. I had never had singing lessons in my life, not then, and not even when we started recording [2001’s follow-up album] Decipher. So it was all done on an idea of ​​how you do it, and to try to emulate others and create my own sound. I have taken transverse flute lessons for many years and think it has helped me acquire breathing techniques. I’m naturally gifted with talent – I have to thank my parents for that, I guess!

How it was to record the song Beyond me, with Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation?

“Exciting. Because I really admired Within Temptation back then. They were the big brother. They came straight after The Gathering, with [1997’s] Enter, their first album. And I remember thinking it was really costs. Sharon is a few years older than me, which doesn’t really matter nowadays. But when you’re a young teenager, it impresses.

Is there a chance that After Forever will reunite?

“No, not as far as I’m concerned. I am very happy with where I am. It’s good to leave things in the past. Many After Forever albums have been reissued, unfortunately without my consent. But now the last [self-titled] The album will be re-released next year and all the members have been involved, which is a huge difference. So it’s something that I can heartily recommend to fans or nostalgic people. Something is happening.

A reissue for the 15th anniversary of “After Forever” is expected in 2022

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