Review: Remi Wolf offers a unique blend of pop, funk and soul


Remi Wolf creates an intriguing mix of pop, funk, soul and alternative on his new album “Juno”. Her captivating voice, strong lyrics and unique melodies make “Juno” unique.ofagood listening experience.

“Juno” begins on a positive note with the song “Liquor Store”. The track captivates the attention of listeners with the combination of classic drums and a powerful bassline that makes the audience leap with the rousing beat. The song’s lyrics are fun and witty, and Wolf doesn’t apologize with delivering his wacky lyrics like, “I’m too– ex-nanny with my marbles on the edge of the abyss / To spill all over the carpet, the kitchen floor. Wolf’s extensive use of metaphors on this upbeat tune creates an unusual listening experience with many other artists.

The album offers a distinct listening experience with each track. Wolf implemented new, more experimental elements into the album that some listeners may find shocking, like changing the pitch of his vocals and layering it on top of the main vocal track to create an echo effect. Wolf’s lyricism is refined and polished, as she manages to create instances and situations in her songs specific enough to tell a unique story, but just vague enough that individuals can put themselves in Wolf’s shoes.

The wrong side of This visionary combination of new musical techniques and engaging lyrics is that there are times when there is too much to focus on and listeners may not be able to appreciate the lyrics. In the song “wyd”, Wolf has the vulnerable lyrics, “And fly away from all the pain, mistaking love for glory / I don’t wanna hear my name to feel better,” but there are so many automatic settings and other technical elements of the song that these lyrics drown.

“Grumpy Old Man” is unlike any other song on the album and will stick with listeners long after the album ends. Unlike the rest of “Juno,” this song has distinct country influences which are most prevalent in the guitar lines and the inclusion of a tambourine. Wolf even offers a country singing style in his vocals with a noticeable southern accent during some iterations of the chorus. “Grumpy Old Man” again highlights Wolf’s lyrical strength through phrases like, “I’m so defensive, I have eggshells around me / I love romance, but I have eggshells around me. “

“Sally” is a beautiful song with a more mainstream sound. The song has a modern drum feel, accompanied by a simple guitar and a baseline. This combination allows Wolf’s voice to shine and bring intense passion to the lyrics of this modern and complicated love song.

“Juno” tracks deliver cohesive upbeat tunes that can appeal to listeners of many genres. The album manages to draw influences from the country, pop, alternative and techno genres and the result is impossible to listen to passively. When experiencing “Juno,” listeners may focus on the lyrics or the single instrumental, but the complex composition of these tracks makes it impossible to simply use them as background music.

“Juno” is off the beaten track and a great experience for listeners who are tired of hearing pop or alternative songs that all sound the same. Wolf found a way to explore and be resourceful in the alternativepop genre without shocking listeners or being too obscure.

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