Slipknot teases new music on Cryptic NFT site



Slipknot is currently teasing music clips – what could they be like parts of a follow-up promised to We are not your type – on a mysterious new website called The Chapeltown Rag.

The site, apparently an online marketplace for NFT Slipknots, displays a collection of nine non-fungible chip samples that each play a short audio clip when selected. These clips appear to be sections of new songs from Slipknot, as ThePRP and MetalSucks have pointed out. Some of the NFTs appear as already redeemed.

Slipknot fans got wind of The Chapeltown Rag this week via the official Knotfest website, where a banner ad linking to the site proclaims: “Read all about it if you want to know.” (See screenshots below.)

Slipknot is now part of the Knotfest Roadshow tour across the United States and will perform at Knotfest Los Angeles on Friday, November 5. Maybe they’ll release a new song soon or make an album announcement, which would fit the timeline they previously shared.

Last month, singer Corey Taylor said that Slipknot’s next album was “about 80% complete. We’re finishing music. I still have a few songs to sing. However, I’ll say this: don’t be surprised if , in the next month, you hear something new. “

In June, percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan also suggested that a new Slipknot album would be released this year. Guitarist Jim Root previously said the band actually had a few unreleased albums on the deck.

Publicly available WHOIS domain information shows that the Chapeltown Rag website was registered on October 26 of this year. His owner’s contact details list a trade office in Great Britain.

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Screenshots of The Chapeltown Rag

Every Slipknot song ranked


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