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Bronwyn Rose Boyer: weaver of dreams

Amid the magical mosaic of writers, painters, musicians, producers and storytellers who work and reside in the Huntsville area, some rare gems are often less known to the general public. One of those rare gems of incredible beauty is Bronwyn Rose Boyer, who simply plays and records as Bronwyn Rose.

She is a gifted musician with advanced abilities on a complex range of instruments such as violin, piano, drums, percussion and most notably guitar – an instrument she has almost exclusively reinvented for her own creative purposes. . Bronwyn is also an innovative and exciting songwriter, arranger and record producer and singer with an amazing mastery of melodic and harmonious vocals.

With two recorded works released over the past six years, Exit in 2015 and Momentum In 2018, Bronwyn was in deep production mode for the release of her third album in the Evolution trilogy, when she was faced with a serious, life-changing illness. Lucky for all of us, Bronwyn has successfully overcome most of the ill effects of her illness and is soon preparing to return to finally record the final album in the trilogy, Acceleration.

Bronwyn generally remained on her own during her creative years in Huntsville, developing her projects or supporting herself as a set decorator in the busy world of television production in Toronto. With the exception of a few rare but delicious concerts, or the participation of other musicians in local fundraising efforts, Bronwyn’s music and performances are confined to her YouTube channel and her recordings. Besides her own musical creations, Bronwyn is also a record producer for artists such as Patty Crozier and others.

Bronwyn is also a unique and talented painter and designer, using her pieces for the album cover and painting for friends and family.

His aspirations for artistic life, his inspirations and his dynamism appeared remarkably early in his childhood. Growing up on an 85 acre farm outside of Bracebridge as the only child of the astonishing songwriter, musician and writer, Alison Boyer, Bronwyn lived in what must surely be considered an enchanted kingdom. Alison is a prodigious songwriter in her own right and an extraordinarily talented musician on master class guitar, piano and chromatic harmonica, considered by many to be the best local instrument.

Bronwyn Rose Boyer (submitted)

At six, Bronwyn saw a violinist on Sesame Street and began asking her mother how to play. Trained with a local teacher, Bronwyn built a solid foundation in music theory through classical and conservatory violin training, in which she excelled. At the age of fourteen, Bronwyn began learning to play the drums on a vintage ensemble that her mother kept for her own recordings. She quickly formed a rock trio called Slight Return with two of her best friends. Through the fun and camaraderie she felt with her band, Bronwyn began to explore other instruments, revolving around the piano and her early attempts at songwriting.

Guitar became a fascination for her around this same time, but she had to learn to play on her mother’s left-handed guitar, forcing her to create her own approach to hand positions and chord structures. She imaginatively developed a unique form of guitar playing, utilizing vocals, tunings, and hand movements that can only be attributed to her own innate musical genius.

Unlike so many other young guitarists who rote, learn chords and scales, Bronwyn discovered a fundamentally self-conceived musical language in standard orchestral tuning, a feat attempted only by a few notable exceptions in the arts. musical – Joni Mitchell, Michael Hedges, David Crosby, Django Reinhardt, all virtuoso guitarists to say the least.

Not to diminish his other musical talents, it is this ability to play the guitar with such unfettered freedom that makes Bronwyn an astounding rarity among guitarists, many of whom have been featured on “Sound and Sight”. in Doppler. It is also the underlying gift that stimulates his prodigious and prolific writing. Never fixing for long, Bronwyn is constantly on the lookout for new avenues of expression – new colors, new tempos, soundscapes – largely coming from his inventive and artfully ingenious guitar sound. As a young artist, she amassed a vast portfolio of adventurous songs, perhaps too many to even record and produce properly.

In her early 20s, Bronwyn sought out and met her father, Imre de Jonge, sparking a collaboration that continues until this writing. Imre is a formidable talent: a world famous drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, producer and luthier-guitarist who makes unique and beautiful handcrafted instruments. Imre seems almost capable of learning any skill required of a modern musician. He is the owner / operator of ‘The Barn’, a recording studio in Huntsville which he founded in 2000 and where Bronwyn now lives and records. The studio offers recordings for a large collection of aspiring songwriters from the region – Lewis and Clarke, Juan Barbosa, Patty Crozier and more.

The collaboration between Imre and Bronwyn produced stellar work. Imre’s rich tapestry of talent enables Bronwyn to perform an exciting variety of sounds to complement his songwriting art. Many of his recordings actually include his mother Alison and his father Imre providing the rich complexity around his tracks.

Perhaps Bronwyn’s most remarkable abilities are his ingenious vocal and harmonious arrangements. Almost death-defying choirs soar and swirl in refracted prism-like frequencies that sparkle celestial sunlight pouring through the cathedral halls and windows, shining and uplifting.

We all have to recognize that Huntsville is a diamond mine of precious artistic talent. Bronwyn Rose Boyer stands out among many others, not only for her multi-faceted bent, but also for her beautifully substantial artistic contribution, filled with genius, passion and love. Wealth beyond wealth, a treasure more precious than that of the Magi.

Learn and listen more about, on Facebook here, or at Bronwyn Youtube channel.

Writer’s Note: I wish you dear readers the best of the season and the happiest memories with your friends and family over Christmas time and the birth of a new year. ~ DMc

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