Strandberg Introduces Hardware and Tonewood Redesign in All-New NX Concept Series


Swedish headless electric guitar specialist Strandberg has announced its NX Concept series – a newly designed range that takes the designs of the brand’s pre-existing Boden series and equips them with new woods and hardware.

Chief among the updates is an all-new bridge and string locking system – the EGS Rev 7 – which promises a number of under-hood adjustments, a new neck heel curve for even more playability large and ergo knurled knobs, designed for quick sound adjustments.

Additionally, in an effort to be more sustainable, the brand has ditched roasted maple across the board in favor of regular kiln-dried maple. Richlite touches and Sassafras bodies were also introduced in some lines.

“The world is changing faster than ever and even a successful revolution must adapt and evolve to meet the demands of changing times,” read a statement on the Strandberg website.

“Based on feedback from our community of artists, fans and gamers, the Boden benchmark design has been further refined visually, ergonomically, soundly and functionally to achieve its maximum potential.

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Strandberg NX Concept

Strandberg EGS Rev 7 Hardware (Image credit: Strandberg)
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Strandberg NX Concept

Strandberg’s newly contoured neck heel (Image credit: Strandberg)
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Strandberg NX Concept

Strandberg EGS Rev 7 Hardware (Image credit: Strandberg)
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Strandberg NX Concept

Strandberg ergo buttons (Image credit: Strandberg)

“The new specifications and features have been carefully researched and implemented with the future in mind – both aesthetically and functionally – to deliver instruments that use durable materials, new material to improve performance and reliability. , and subtle ergonomic design adjustments that further enhance comfort and playability. Boden instruments.

All five Strandberg guitar families – Original, Fusion, Prog, Metal, and Classic – have been overhauled to some extent, with the Boden Original model receiving perhaps the most vigorous update.

Strandberg Boden NX Original

Strandberg Boden Original NX in Autumn Red (Image credit: Strandberg)

Along with the universal updates, the Boden Original NX dual humbucker – which comes equipped with Suhr SSH + and SSV pickups – is now made from a chambered Sassafras body with a solid maple top and a choice of veneer. flamed or quilted maple.

The six-string version is available in Charcoal Black or Autumn Red, while the seven- and eight-string iterations are available in Charcoal Black, Glacier Blue (seven), and Earth Blue (eight).

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Strandberg Boden NX Prog

Strandberg Boden Prog NX in Earth Green (Image credit: Strandberg)
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Strandberg Boden NX Classic

Strandberg Boden Classic NX in Maltese Blue (Image credit: Strandberg)
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Strandberg Boden NX Metal

Strandberg Boden Metal NX in black granite (Image credit: Strandberg)

The Prog NX model also features a Sassafras chambered body, although it now has a Richlite fingerboard as opposed to an ebony fingerboard. Charcoal Black, Earth Green and Twilight Purples are the colors available.

As for the Classic NX, the only notable change is the newly introduced option of a rosewood fingerboard, which replaced the previously preferred pau ferro ‘board, as well as the appointment of Suhr Thornbucker and Suhr V60LP pickups.

A pick-me-up has also been introduced in the Metal NX range, which replaces the six-string Fishman Fluences with Suhr Aldrich humbuckers. The ebony fingerboard has also been replaced by a Richlite.

Strandberg Boden NX Fusion

Strandberg Boden Fusion NX in Amber Yellow (Image credit: Strandberg)

The latest is the HSH-configured Fusion NX – available in new colorways Amber Yellow or Bonfire Red, as opposed to the old Honey or Black – which trades a pau ferro ‘plank for rosewood, and offers the choice of flame or quilted maple veneer.

Each ax comes with Strandberg’s Venture gigbag, which has been rigorously tested in various environments and weather conditions in its quest to provide premium protection.

It’s important to note that while the brand has outfitted Sassafras’ Original NX and Prog NX models, they will revert to their usual Swamp Ash bodies after first production due to logistics and supply chain issues.

To learn more about the Strandberg NX Concept series, visit Strandberg.

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