Studio 666: 6 Reasons I’m Excited For The Foo Fighters Horror-Comedy Movie

When I laid eyes on the poster of Studio 666 – which bears an illustration of Foo Fighters surrounding an obviously haunted house – I certainly hoped this would be a real movie, but I never expected it to be true. When the first trailer came out in early December, so did my jaw, as I now have confirmation that one of the world’s most famous rock bands is headlining what appears to be one of the craziest upcoming horror movies of 2022.

There are actually few new movie releases in 2022 that I look forward to more than this comedic thriller, starring Dave Grohl and co. like themselves, whose recording of their latest album is interrupted by sinister and possessive spirits at the evil Dead movies. I probably don’t need to explain further why Studio 666 piqued my interest so much but, in case you’re curious, let’s go.

Dave Grohl at Studio 666

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Studio 666 is Dave Grohl’s first time directing a dramatized film

People who aren’t die-hard Foo Fighters fans might be surprised to learn that frontman Dave Grohl, who first rose to prominence as a Nirvana drummer, actually has decent acting skills. However, he has rarely been given the chance to really show off his dramatic chops outside of his band’s famous music videos and a few brief film and TV appearances, such as in Bill and Ted face the music like himself in 2020, or in 2011 The Muppets as the drummer of Fozzy Bear, “Animool”.

Studio 666 marks the first time the musician has had a leading role in anything. Of course, he and his band mates (drummer Taylor Hawkins, bassist Nate Mendel, guitarists Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear, and keyboardist Rami Jaffee) are collectively billed as Foo Fighters, and rightly so.

What I find particularly ironic and hilarious is that Dave Grohl’s feature debut was in 2006. Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, like Satan, and now he’s playing a demon-possessed version of himself. It looks like he had all the preparation he needed before the shoot.

Will Forte at Studio 666

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Studio 666 has a star-studded supporting cast

Dave Grohl isn’t the only Foo Fighters veteran. Taylor Hawkins played Iggy Pop in the 2013s CBGB biopic, Nate Mendel was in the 2000 drama, Our burden is light, Chris Shiflett played a bartender in the 2005 comedy, Cake boy, Rami Jaffee appeared on TV Land’s Happily divorced as (aptly) a pianist, and Pat Smear played Jimi Hendrix in a film about Charles Manson in 1989. However, they do not direct the Studio 666 thrown alone.

A few people who perform regularly for a living are the supporting actors in horror comedy, including people known for comedy, such as SNL veterinarian and lead Mac Gruber actor Will Forte, comedian and podcast host Whitney Cummings, and Jeff Garlin of Calm your enthusiasm notoriety. As we hope, Studio 666 also features people known for horror, as to come Scream Jenna Ortega sequel star Leslie Grossman from american horror story cast, and, as “The Caretaker” we have Marti Matulis – also known for playing spooky characters on AHS, as good as Teen wolf and Wrong.

Actor and filmmaker Jason Trost, who was actually an extra in scream 2 and briefly appeared alongside Will Forte in the 2010s Mac Gruber film, also has a technical assistant role for the Foo Fighters. He and Marti Matulis are currently the only ones in the Studio 666 expressed outside the group with all the specific details assigned to their roles.

Dave Grohl and Nate Mendel at Studio 666

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Studio 666 director BJ McDonnell immersed himself in music, horror and both

Jason Trost also previously worked with the director of Studio 666, BJ McDonnell, in two projects that make the filmmaker pretty darn qualified for a project like this. In 2013, Trost had a small role in McDonnell’s first film, Hatchet III – the third installment in a popular slasher franchise starring iconic horror film actor Kane Hodder – and was the main protagonist in a trio of narratively connected and brutally graphic Slayer music videos, both written and produced by McDonnell and collectively called The Merciless Killlogy.

McDonnell also has a long career as a cameraman for countless familiar titles, including various Marvel films and the highly anticipated upcoming sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, for example. Much of his resume includes movies and TV shows that fall under the umbrella of horror, from several episodes of american horror story to most Conjuring franchise movies and upcoming Salem Lot redo, to name a few. So in other words, it seems like it was the perfect choice to bring the story of a rock band plagued with the supernatural to the big screen.

Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters finds a strange book in Studio 666

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Studio 666 was co-written by a horror veteran from a story by Dave Grohl himself

When I first heard about it Studio 666, I was wondering if Dave Grohl was directing as well, as it wouldn’t be his first time in this position either. He directed several Foo Fighters videos, debuted in a feature film with the documentary City of sound, received an Emmy nomination for HBO’s 8-part docuseries Sonic highways, and made a double in 2021 with What drives us, and the Paramount + exclusive docuseries, From the cradle to the stage. While the management functions of Studio 666 were given to BJ McDonnell, it’s Grohl’s original vision that the filmmaker brings to life.

The story of Studio 666 was conceived by the musician, who would then give the task of scripting it to someone who certainly knows what they’re doing about it. Jeff Buhler (the scribe behind many notable thrillers, such as the 2008 Bradley Cooper-directed Clive Barker adaptation The Midnight Meat Train and the 2019 reimagination of Stephen King’s Pet Seminar), collaborated on the screenplay with Rebecca Hughes, who wrote for sitcoms like Anchored for life. So in other words, Studio 666 will probably be a really scary and funny horror comedy, and thankfully.

Foo Fighters keyboardist Rami Jaffee in Studio 666

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Movies that combine rock ‘n roll and horror tend to be quite impressive

Besides being a horror comedy, Studio 666 is also, and above all, a rock’n roll film. This is not the first time, however, that these disparate styles have been combined. In fact, some of the best horror comedy movies I’ve ever seen are deeply rooted in a passion for music – the most obvious example being the iconic cult classic of 1975. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which merges old school pop with classic horror tropes.

However, Studio 666 seems to have more in common with something like the years 1986 Charity please (not to be confused with 2007 Trick or treats) which is about a young metalhead who awakens demons with a cursed vinyl record, and features cameos Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons. Classic cult companion The door, released the following year, had a similar premise, as did the 2015 New Zealand import Deathgasm if you replace “cursed vinyl record” with “cursed partition” and add some relentless cartoonish gore. Yes Studio 666 looks like any of those movies, we should be in good shape.

Nate Mendel, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear at Studio 666

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Conclusion: Studio 666 is a horror movie starring the FOO FIGHTERS!

I have another confession to make: all the comparisons that Studio 666 may have to Charity please Where Deathgasm do not concern me. In fact, it never really would have mattered to me who was writing the script, who was in the director’s chair, or what other A-list actors might have appeared in the cast. You know why? Because Studio 666 is a horror movie with the fucking Foo Fighters.

You wouldn’t need to say another word to sell me on this, because the simple concept of one of my all-time favorite bands (which I saw live and through which I have since collected all studio albums) being at the center of a horror movie (my favorite genre of movie of all time) is nothing short of a dream come true. You can bet your soul that I will go to the nearest cinema to check Studio 666 upon its theatrical release on Friday, February 25, 2022. Until then, I’ll be waiting for it eternally.

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