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Was Clapton Peak Too Early?

Jon maclennan

When it comes to Eric Clapton’s guitar style, there is no shortage of masterful guitar techniques to dive in and study. In this article we will focus specifically on his guitar style from the mid to late 60s around the formation of the group Cream.

8 ways to nail the IV chord

Dan Smith

Let’s talk about momentum. It’s an essential part of any good solo, and when you’re tearing up a 12-bar blues, the first place to really demonstrate your mastery of harmony is when the IV chord appears. In this lesson, I’ll show how to create … four worms momentum… in your next solo.

The basics of britpop

Shawn persinger

When you consider the many bands that come under the term “Britpop” – Oasis, Blur, Suede, Elastica, the early works of Radiohead, and more – it’s clear that the genre is more of an attitude than a specific musical style. . Still, there are a few guitar techniques and approaches that abound in the genre, many of which have been ‘borrowed’ (the British music press’s friendly way of saying ‘appropriate’) from earlier British bands of the 60s, 70s and 80s. 80.

Jim Croce’s Fingerstyle Tips

Kirby jane

It’s great to have neat songs memorized note by note and stored neatly in your concert repertoire, but it’s probably just as important to be able to fly by the seat of your pants and pull an arrangement out of nowhere. Knowing the building blocks of the fingerstyle guitar is a great way to achieve this.

Double stops for days

Matthew lee

In this lesson we are going to cover a very important and very common technique. Double stops are one of the mainstays in defining a country guitar sound. I will break down the ways to approach this technique from an intervallic point of view. If you think this will take too much theory, don’t worry… we won’t get very far into this rabbit hole.

Why was the ’90s country guitar so cool?

Matthew lee

Traditional country music in the 90s was a guitar lover’s dream. Almost every track on the radio was full of flavorful toppings and heart-wrenching, but short solos. The most prominent session player during this time was Brent Mason, whose Gray Tele Car Primer became as iconic as the parts he made.

The Secret of Connection Agreements

Marc Schonbrun

We’re going to look at a simple jazz progression and talk about the struggle to make sense of some of these movements in the context of music theory. I want you to leave this lesson with new ways of thinking about chord progressions, and maybe a different way of thinking about music theory.

Non-CAGE Neck Hacks

Andy gibson

Do you feel confined to the same scale shapes or set of frets every time you go to rip a solo? If so, this lesson is for you. Or, if you’re confident in your ability to move both horizontally and vertically around the fretboard, this lesson might help you see the fretboard better.

A creative approach to string bending

Andy gibson

String bending is one of the mainstays of rock, country, and blues. Imagine if BB King, Brent Mason, Brad Paisley or Jimi Hendrix played without using bends. Wouldn’t that be strange? The main bending techniques used by these four (and almost everyone else to pick up an electric guitar) will get you pretty much anywhere you need to go as a guitarist, but there are a few bending approaches that will take you less over the roads. trip.

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