Top 10 successful headbanging groups with a Christian message



For this list, a group must have several Christian members, and many of their words must be inspired by faith. The group must also have started and remain Christian. This keeps Megadeth and WASP from entering as well as many groups who later gave up their faith. Groups with members of different faiths such as Christianity and Judaism are also absent as this can make the lyrics more difficult to distinguish, according to several sources the incredible Link in Park fits this description. In addition, groups that had albums without gospel messages contrary to Scripture came out. This means no Black Sabbath and almost eliminates Stryper for their album “Against The Law”. The groups listed should also have some success or impact. I mean they found Noah’s Ark where the Bible says it would also according to non-Christian sources, but if people don’t know it doesn’t do them any good.

10. Credo-

They legitimately had good songs. My Own Prison is a good album. In terms of sales success, they top everyone else on this list. I’ll also point out that Scott Stapp didn’t know he had bipolar disorder when he had an accident that led to his addiction to pain relievers. It definitely hurt their music. It’s also a shame that they didn’t let one of the greatest guitarists of their generation to shreds. They had a lot more talent than their discography produced.

9. Imari tones-

Christianity is not huge in Japan. That hasn’t stopped Tak and Company from releasing a respectable amount of albums in the Land of the Rising Sun. They have a wide range of musical prowess, being able to perform in many different styles. In many songs they also add pieces in English. They are fun to listen to and seem to be having fun making music. Plus, frontman Tak is a ridiculously underrated guitarist.

8. Impellitteri-

Chris Impellitteri is the fastest guitarist on this list. He is also the most decorated axman here. In fact, it is considered the second fastest crusher in the world! The group also had several different lead singers. The most notable of these are Rob Rock and Graham Bonnet. Impellitteri uses elements of rock, blues, classical and speed metal in a power metal performance as the main style. While Impellitteri hasn’t erupted in their home country, the United States, they are huge on the outside, especially in Japan. With over 2 million albums sold, mostly to people who don’t even speak English, you have to consider them.

7. Guard sheet-

Unfortunately, the group would become little more than a wonder. The self-titled debut album sold over a million in the United States. Their single “All Around Me” from the same record went Platinum and was one of the first 40 hits. “I’m So Sick” and “Fully Alive” were viral on YouTube and were huge on rock radio, but that was it. This launched the career of Lacey Sturm who has worked with POD, Breaking Benjamin and Skillet. The amount of talent that this band had overall was at its peak, but after an incredible album they faded from the limelight.

6. Paramore-

They have the gold and platinum records to show it. The same goes for singles. Lots of success online too. Hayley Williams is one of the most recognizable women in rock / punk. They quickly became superstars and one of the biggest names in “emo metal”. Paramore has their work certified on three different continents, which means they have global appeal. Lots of people would also claim that their music is the one good thing the Twilight movie franchise has ever released to the world.

5. Red-

Shortly after starting their career, Red was nominated for 2 Grammy Awards in Christian categories. They also started their career with 2 RIAA Gold certified singles from their first RIAA Gold album “End of Silence”. They seemed to be one of the new big emerging nu-metal bands, but after their debut the band quickly faded away. They had 2 top 10 Billboard Hot 200 albums, but nothing came up after their initial surge. This group, like their singer, can border on opera, soft and heartwarming, deep or heavy. There’s no denying their talent, but that hasn’t stopped their spotlight from going out. In the end, they still sold over 3 million albums.

4. Evanescence-

The one Grammy-winning act here has also sold over 25 million units. “My Immortal” and “Bring Me To Life” became classics of the 2000s. Their first major album sold over 17 million copies and won 2 Grammys out of 7 nominations. Amy Lee has become one of the best singers in the world almost overnight. After more than a decade and a half, they’re still relevant today, even though they’re a far cry from the sales force they once were. Still respected by just about everyone in the business, this group of Christians in a group are still amazing people. Whether in the studio or in concert, they are always worth hearing. Recognized, respected and appreciated around the world, Evanescence is still relevant to this day. They are also some of the best dogs in symphonic metal and nu-metal to date.

3. POD-

Sonny Sandoval is criminally underrated as a singer. He can rap softly or loudly, appease the audience with his reggae, or use soft vocals for a nice effect. Oh yeah, he also has some of the most emotionally brutal screams in my metal. From “Beautiful” to “Alive” to “Southtown,” it has a wild lineup that few rappers can match. Traa Daniels had some of the best bass riffs in nu-metal and Marcus Curiel could be heavy to artistic in his guitar playing. Sonny’s cousin, Wuv Bernando, also did a great job as a drummer. The vocals, guitar work, basslines, and percussion all hit hard and beautifully. Together they have grown into one of the biggest and arguably most respected rap-metal groups. 3 Grammy nominations, 2 hit albums and 12 million albums sold worldwide make it an incredible round. “Youth of the Nation” became their biggest hit and part of pop culture. Their music has also been in films such as Here Comes The Boom and The Matrix Trilogy. This group helped define a generation.

2. Stove-

Few groups, in general, have been so important over the past three decades. “Monster” alone is triple platinum in the US and has over 3 billion (yes with ab) audio plays worldwide. It is one of the most famous songs on the planet. They have sold over 10 million singles on their own. Their albums have also sold over 12 million units. “Collide” and “Comatose” both received Grammy Award nominations. Skillet has become the go-to band for sports themes and anthems with their music used by everyone from WWE to NFL, NBA, NCAA sports and more. Their ironic and at times downright daring Christian messages have spread to countless people and created one of rock’s greatest fan bases, lovingly known as “Panheads”. John Cooper boasts some of the best-known bass riffs of the 2010s and his rough, raw voice can mellow for the emotional parts, while also showcasing his power. When he sings from God’s point of view in “Whispers in the Dark” and “The Last Night” it really makes sense. Jen Ledger is one of the best drummers of the past decade, and her backing vocals add a whole new dimension. Lorry Cooper has a great chemistry with John (maybe because they’re married ??). On guitar, Seth Morrison is an underrated shredder with great variety, and before him was underground guitarist Ben Kasica. Skillet can go from pop to metal in the blink of an eye. Don’t underestimate them.

  1. Stringer-

Imagine running a secular late-night show like MTV, despite being overtly Christian. No need, as Stryper did in the 1980s. Four # 1 music videos on MTV and the most requested band on Dial MTV in 1987, they brought Christian metal to mainstream audiences for the first time. They also played a huge role in spreading power metal to Asia, especially Japan and South Korea. To Hell With The Devil and In God We Trust have sold millions of albums worldwide. The band itself has sold 12 million copies and their success arguably paved the way for a Grammy for Christian rock and rap groups. Ironically, they were never nominated for it (nor POD), but went on to have a Grammy nomination. They have also won several GMA Dove Awards (the Christian equivalent of a Grammy) and are helping turn Christian music into a multi-billion dollar industry. Since their rebirth in 2005, especially after 2009, they have been one of the most consistent metal bands of the ’80s. Michael Sweet’s voice improves with age and he is still one of the best howlers. of the history of music. Michael and Oz Fox have also had many great solos, both solo and duet. Robert Sweet was one of the first drummers to turn his set and face the stage left or right, so the crowd sees him play. He used strings and sometimes hung up 21 cymbals during live performances. Perry Richardson, Brad Cobb, Tracy Ferris and of course Tim Gaines have always been great on bass. They were a game-changer for power ballads, hair metal, power metal and Christian music.

Article By: John Ward


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